Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lazy Sunday and Making Stock

I love lazy Sundays. I'm sad that Hubby will be working every Sunday for the next few months. Sundays always feel like lazy family days and it will a shame to lose that feeling - it never feels so lazy when it is just me and the girls.

We had a roast dinner today to commiserate. I do love roast chicken and yorkshire puddings and mashed potatoes and veg and gravy. YUMMY. Possibly my favourite meal ever, and it tastes so much better eating it on a Sunday.

I always feel wasteful buying a whole chicken, I don't know why, it just feels like it isn't properly being used up. So I make stock with the carcass (I hate that word) and then freeze it or turn it into soup.

It's not very pretty to look at is it. But it's marvellous stuff. I don't think there are set rules for making stock. I just put whatever leftover bones we had (picked the remaining chicken off and we had it with fajitas just now) into a big pan, add whatever veg you have hanging around, leftover or fresh, no need to peel anything. I also added a couple of onions (didn't peel those, just halved them). I then added boiling water until everything was just covered and left it simmering for a few hours. Once it had cooled I put it through a fine sieve and put the liquid in a jug in the fridge. By tomorrow morning it will have turned a bit jelly like and the fat at the top will be easy to scrape off and bin. I'll then I'll either make soup or freeze the clear stock. Lovely!

The girls have been quite lovely the last couple of days which has been nice, less tantrums and screaming than the previous week which is a relief. And less fighting between them. They do love each other so much!

How cute! A rare occurrence but lovely none the less.

And what else is brightening up the endless rain we've been having (it hasn't stopped raining since they announced the hose-pipe ban, ironic huh!)...

Tulips. I love tulips. They are my favourite flower (along with daffodils and daisies). Hubby bought them for me in my favourite colour - sunshine yellow, so they have been making my kitchen look happier for the last few days... ahhhhh


  1. Your girls look lovely,enjoy every moment,they grow up so fast

    1. Thank you :D they do grow up far too fast don't they, my eldest is 4 in June, can't quite believe it!