Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Ahh Easter. The day of lots of sugar highs and chocolate induced comas! A good day! I've yet to actually tuck into an Easter egg. Instead I've spent the day entertaining the family and feeding them and clearing up after that.

Poor little E had an encounter with the floor. She fell off of her Daddy's back and landed flat on her face. She has a fat lip, bumped head, swollen and bleeding nose and she generally looks rough! Bless her heart, she seemed fine once she was over the shock!

Our chickens are sat on some eggs which could hatch any day now! None hatched today though so we borrowed my sister-in-laws's two day old chicks for some Easter cuddles!

Beautiful or what! So cute and fluffy and chirpy, the kiddies loved seeing them too <3 proper Easter chooks!

I hope your day has been chocolate filled and happy!

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