Thursday, 26 April 2012

Piri Piri Pork

I found this recipe on the Slimming World website here and thought it sounded simple and yummy and so I added it to my meal plan for this week.

Basically you seal some pork loins in a pan, put them in an oven-proof dish and cover them in a mixture of passata, tinned tomatoes, piri piri seasoning and stock cubes plus whatever vegetables you fancy and then you stick in the oven for half hour.

How did it taste? YUMMY. I wasn't so keen on the piri piri seasoning, we used a lemon and herb piri piri and it was too herby for me but the pork was really yummy and not chewy at all and I can see the dish really working with maybe some other herbs or a different seasoning mix. Plus it is so healthy and quick that it will definitely be on the menu again.

We ate ours with new potatoes but the recipe suggests salad or couscous.


Pork: £4.00 (5 loin steaks, would have fed 3 adults)
Potatoes; £0.60
Mixed veg: £0.30
Tomatoes/passata: £0.50
Piri piri seasoning: £0.75


NOW... meet our house guests

Mary and Mertyl have been in the coop with the other chicks for a couple of days but they were staying in the same corner together and not even going outside for food and drink so we've bought them in where it is warmer and where they have their own food and drink, the first thing they did was head for the food. I think we'll keep them in until they are a bit bigger :D

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