Monday, 9 April 2012

Our chicks hatched!!

High excitement here today. Hubby went out to see the chickens first thing this morning and found our first chick!!!

I've been more nervous about these chicks hatching than I was about my own babies. This one, our first born is called Mabel.

Then, I went out to see the chicks, about 5.30pm and....

Mildred had arrived! You can see how fresh she is by how rough she looks, bless her. They soon fluff up :D

My brother-in-law came round a little while ago and helped another 3 eggs hatched as they were taking there time and so with a little helping hand another 3 chicks have joined the crew. No photos as yet as they are very very new and are being kept warm by their mummies.

So! Margaret and Martha (our chickens) now have 5 babies... Mabel, Mildred, Mavis, Marjory and Meredith.

We decided to keep with the same theme for names - old fashioned and beginning with 'M'. If some of them are cockerels, well, they'll still have the same names! They won't live with us though but they will go to a nice home. I hope at least 2 are hens! 

Oh... and we're going to need a bigger coop!

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  1. hehe! I love all the "M" names. I bet those guys grow up so fast.