Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rambly Ramblings...

This post is going to be a ramble. I don't have one specific thing to talk about but I realllllly want to blog. So I will!

Hopefully tomorrow's post will have a proper theme, probably food related (piri piri pork!). I've been doing some crafting. I finished a crochet blanket (will post about it soon) and I've been creating Waybuloo characters out of sugarpaste for a cake for the weekend. I'll post pics once the cake is finished. It's been a challenge as my modelling skills aren't as good as I'd like but they look ok and will hopefully look better on the cake.

Look what I ordered! Cake making goodies - a non-stick mat and rolling pin, some frosting scrapers, some tools and a cake smoother. I have also now got some letter cutters <3

My beautiful big baby has been struggling in her 9 month-4 year car seat, so we decided it was time that she got a big girl's seat. We asked her what sort she'd like and she said PRINCESS so she is now the very proud owner of a pink disney princess car seat. She loves it. That is enough to make me happy!

And this next picture is just because daffodils are pretty.

And we all nee a bit of pretty <3

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