Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A New Love for the Old

This little beauty is my new favourite thing. There is something so cool and retro about typewriters. It is as though technology is now so advanced that something that can work without it has it's own magic. This 'portable' Adler Tippa 1 cost me £3.00 at a car boot sale and whatever I want to say appears instantly on paper. I love it because it is something that feels so old and yet works perfectly. It uses no electricity, doesn't have wifi or let me on facebook but it also can't get a virus, break, or not work during a power cut... My children are fascinated by it. They think it is so CLEVER. And that is kind of amusing, but I guess as an ipad generation something like this will seem so completely ingenious. I'm using it for my creative writing. It helps me immensely, the lack of spell check, delete and auto-correct make me think about every key I press and every touch counts! MAGIC!