Thursday, 19 April 2012

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Brie and Balsamic Onions

Today I made the dinner that I had planned to make Tuesday. The recipe comes from - I use this site lots for recipes as I find it has a great range and the meals are all do-able, they don't require too many fancy ingredients or hours of preparation.

I love brie. I love chicken. I love onions. I love balsamic vinegar. So for that reason in my head the meal was already a hit. Mine were not neat. My fillings sploshed out and my bread-crumbing method was messy. This is what they looked like after I had browned them a little in the pan:

They were fiddly to make - and getting the fillings to stay in was quite a challenge. We served them with mashed potato, broccoli and peas!

They were tasty. The brie was all melted and added a nice texture and taste and the onions added a nice zing to it too.

Would I make them again? Maybe. I'd probably just cook some chicken, melt some brie and cook some onions and serve it all together. But I am inherently lazy!

Cost (would have served 3-4):

Chicken breasts: £3.29
Onions: £0.20
Brie: £0.98
Seasonings/bread/oil etc: £0.50
Potatoes: £0.80
Veg: £0.50

= £6.27

P.S Sadly Picnik - the photo editor I have been using - close their online editing service today and so I have been trying out some new ones to see what effects and frames I can get... so over the next few days my photos make look a bit different while I try and find a new style that I love!

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