Monday, 16 April 2012

A (much needed) Slow Day

Today has been good. Not a lot has happened and that has been LOVELY. We did another bootsale yesterday and the whole day felt very manic and long and tiring.

This morning E went to Grandad's house for a couple of hours and F was at nursery. I got to wash our bedding, put away several baskets of clean washing, scrub the bathroom and generally have a tidy up. I always feel so much better with a tidier house! I watched yesterday's F1 as I did it so it was quite relaxing really.

And then I sat down with my tax return and this...

Our chicks are a week old now, so here is another little picture of their cuteness!

Tomorrow I am cooking chicken breasts stuffed with brie and balsamic onions, never made it before, am adapting a recipe I found so tomorrow's post will be food-related!

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