Saturday, 7 April 2012

Car Boot Sale, Cake and Post!

This morning (or more like night!) at 4.30am my alarm went off. We were getting up to do a car boot sale to try and shift some of the stuff from the garage that was too good to bin but that we no longer wanted. It was drizzling with rain. And cold. OH so cold. I still feel like my bones are thawing.

Anyway! I spent some time sat in the boot of the car watching the grey skies...

Despite the awful weather there were lots of people looking round and we made a decent amount, definitely worth the early start! We're hoping to do another one next week to shift the last of the stuff and maybe have made enough to put towards a new television as ours is on its way out.

After we came back I had baking to do, a cake for an order. Mickey Mouse! It was a lot harder than it looks purely because of the shape of the face and working out how to flat ice it! This is the result...

The other exciting part to my day came in an airmail envelope...

It's a journal, not just any journal a Gadanke journal. For now I'm just flicking through the pages and sighing with happiness, I'll review it properly once I've gotten to know it a bit better <3

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