Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Have I mentioned that we've got two chickens?

I'd love to be one of those bloggers who keeps chickens, grows their own veg, has tons of children and home-schools them all from their beautiful house which is organised and full of hand-crafted pieces... but I'm not (though I DO love reading blogs like that <3 ).

Our two chickens are the only things in that list that we do and then it's because we wanted a pet that was outdoor but manageable and cute, not because of the eggs.

The girls love the chickens and they don't even mind cleaning them out:

This is E, half in the coop, she had a brush and dustpan and she's sweeping the sawdust up and putting it into the bucket ready to be binned. And she did a REALLY thorough job of it too!

Our fluffy friends are called Martha and Margaret. They are both lavender pekins, Martha is a frizzle (backwards growing feathers) and Margaret is a smooth (normal feathers). Here is a picture of the lovely ladies:

Gorgeous aren't they! And they are friendly, the girls can easily catch and cuddle them, they live in their coop and run during the day but we let them out in the garden when we can!

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