Saturday, 4 February 2012

Basket-weave crochet...

Have you heard of it?
I hadn't but I stumbled across a picture that at first I thought was knitting but then I looked again and realised it was in fact crochet. Crochet that looks like a basket weave. Clever.

I'm not good with crochet patterns, I can follow basics but not anything complicated and I prefer it written in words rather than just a list of abbreviations. So I looked around for a video and found a good video tutorial for the basketweave AND it doesn't look too hard.

I'll be trying it later and will show you the results. I might even try a picture tutorial if I can get it right. If.

P.S It's snowing here, and settling, the girls are very excited and have requested the blinds open, we have a huge front window in the lounge and you can see right in with the blinds open. I'm still in my dressing gown too, but hey, it's snowing so who cares!

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