Saturday, 4 February 2012

Odd socks and stinking nappies...

That's what it feels like my days are full of! I do LOVE being at home with the girls but some days do feel so long and repetitive.

Does anyone else have a sock thief in the house? I think there must be a little elf that likes to eat kiddies socks. E, my littlest, loves socks. She has to wear them at night - on her feet AND her hands. And sometimes they go through their drawers pulling the pairs of socks apart and then I can only ever find one. Every now and then I find a stash of single socks, but then I can't find the pairs to them either.

We actually have an odd sock drawer. I found no less than 8 random socks in the girl's room today. Yet I cleared it of socks yesterday too. And there were 4 in the lounge. Not many of them matched anything either. Sigh.

As for the nappies, well, let's just say that between the girls I had to deal with 7 eye watering ones today. 7, in one day. That's just mean.

P.S I'm going to post up the posts that I got ready for the New Year plus another that I wrote the other day but never pressed publish on. Doh.

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