Saturday, 25 February 2012

We do like to be beside the seaside

Today was so sunny and it seemed a real shame to stay indoors. I casually mentioned the idea of going to the beach to the girls and suddenly they were going crazy with excitement. You wouldn't think that we live so close to the sea with their reaction! 

The first thing little E did was run and get a beach blanket - I hadn't even remembered we had one! We took buckets and spades and a ball as requested. We chose the touristy beach a little further from our home so that if we froze we could seek shelter and a warm drink. The beach seemed to have a fair few other people with the same idea of us, quite a few little kiddies toddling around on the sand all wrapped up.

I won't lie. It was cold. Sitting down wasn't an option unless you wanted to freeze, so we kicked the ball around and collected stones. In the end F decided she was cold and so we headed to the cafe attached to the Sealife Centre and shared some chips to thaw us out a bit.

We do so love the seaside!

P.S I still haven't taken decent photos of my finished ripple blanket, but I will soon. My new wool arrived today so I hope to be crocheting the evening away :D

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