Saturday, 4 February 2012

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Party! (warning, very picture heavy!)

I love throwing birthday parties for my girls and I was trying to think of a theme for E who was going to be 2. She wasn't quite old enough to choose her own theme and she wasn't into anything specific - so we decided to go with her first love - chocolate! And so the Willy Wonka theme was born!

The girls had the film and liked watching it and it gave me a lot of scope for the party.

My first step was invitations - the golden ticket was the obvious choice but we went a step further (maybe a little too far but we enjoyed it!)

We created our very own chocolate bar using a tesco (value) 100g bar of chocolate, we re-wrapped them in tin foil (with a golden ticket inside) and then printed wrappers for the outside using a wonka style font. The two little dots on either side are purple sticky gemstones. It sounds like a lot of work but it was actually quite quick to do!

This is what the inside of the bar looked like, I've blanked out the address details but you get the idea, the gold paper was from a local craft shop and it printed fine through our normal printer, it just took a little longer to dry!

I cut out big circles from cardboard and decorated them like colourful lollipops, these were then taped to thick wooden dowl to make the sticks of the lollies. The bunting was from Tesco, it came with letter stickers to spell out E's name. The tablecloths were bright disposable paper ones.

I printed out song lyrics from Willy Wonka and stuck them up around the hall.

We had a big paddling pool filled with play balls and balloons, the balloons were an ebay purchase, bought because they look like gumballs! Plus every party needs balloons!

I baked and frosted cupcakes in all colours of the rainbow - even the sponge was coloured!

Instead of party bags we had a sweetie table with paper bags to put your sweets in. 
I used food colouring to colour some toothpaste which I decanted into little pots, and I bought lots of toothbrushes too so that everyone who took sweets could take a toothbrush and paste too.

We had lots of the usual party foods and lots of sweet treats too, including a little chocolate fountain and some chocolate topped marshmallows!

We had a small table covered with paper and with crayons and stickers on for the kiddies to do some drawing and we played the usual party games.

My lovely sister-in-law made the main cake, which was rainbow inside!

The party was SO much fun and I loved every second of organising it! My eldest is 4 in June and she has been asking for a princess party, I'm already plotting and planning ideas for it!

I'll leave this extremely long blog post with a photo of me and E :D

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