Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BBQ ribs and crochet. Not together.

Yesterday I did bbq ribs in the slow cooker. I might have cheated in the sense that I used bbq sauce from a bottle... but it was still a new meal that I'd not cooked before so it does count. I normally order ribs at restaurants. And they were gooooood! I used a lot of bbq sauce mixed with a lot of ketchup mixed with a little worcester sauce and covered the ribs in it, rubbed it into the ribs and stuck them in the slow cooker. They were on high from 11am - 6pm then on low until we were ready to eat. They were so cooked that a lot of the meat came out separately from the bones. But that was definitely a plus for me!

Tomorrow night I'm going for a chinese meal with my friend. I do love chinese and this particular place is all you can eat - but not a buffet and still pretty food. Yum.

I've meal planned for next week and managed to get this weeks shopping for £38.35 delivered. I'm quite impressed as that also includes about £5 unnecessarily spent on icecream. Not bad at all. I've got moussaka as my new meal to cook next week. Until a few weeks ago I didn't even know what it was, let alone how to cook it. I was reliably informed that it is similar to a lasagne but usually made with lamb mince and layered with aubergine and potato rather than pasta. I'm going to use beef mince but I have put an aubergine on my shopping. No idea what to serve with it though? Salad? Garlic bread?

Now crochet:

This is my lovely ripple blanket. Bad photo though (really must work on that!). It's Rowan 100% cotton and is lovely to work with. I'm going to edge it in the same colour that each end is. The photo doesn't show the colours properly - the bottom colour is red and each other colour is divided by a grey. I'll take better photos once the edging is done. I'll block it too as it's not as raggedy as the photo makes out.

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