Friday, 10 February 2012

I'm baccckkkkkkkkk


I think I need another holiday to get over the holiday! I think holidays with young children are always going to be a lot of effort. It was good effort and we had a lovely time and a lot of fun but we didn't really relax. In fact I feel a lot more relaxed now I'm home sat on my sofa!

This is what Center Parcs looked like as we left:

Beautiful isn't it, that's the lake there in the middle - frozen and covered in snow! It was -6 most of the time we were there. Face-freezing weather but dry and oh so beautiful.

This dear little creature (see what I did there) came to visit our back door, along with a plethora of squirrels and ducks. The girls loved it!

I did get a little bit of relaxing in...

Everyone else was either out or asleep so I took a few minutes to sit down and breeaaaatttheeeee. I had a flask of tea because the villa's cups were very small and I was too lazy to be getting up and down to get more tea. And tea is essential. I read the rest of a book on my kindle, ate some chocolate and a few biscuits and did a little crochet. In peace. Bliss.

Back to reality now. I've about 6 loads of washing. My washing machine is still BROKEN. It's being fixed Monday, that'll be 5 weeks to the day since it broke. You know it's bad when you are looking forward to doing washing. Sigh.

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