Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow - it's what everybody is talking about after all!

Snow is the hot (cold?) topic of conversation at the moment and facebook is filled with people's children playing in the snow and the snowmen that they've built.

I think snow is a bit like marmite...

I LOVE IT. But I don't like being too cold. I like walking through snow and I love the way it makes everything look softer and clean and more rounded.

I don't like slush, slippery roads or wet feet. Where I live it is mainly flat, lucky really as our car struggled to get up the teeny tiny slope that leads up by our house, we had wheel spin and a tiny bit of rolling backwards but we managed, just. The slush on the more used roads has sprayed up everywhere so the pavements are muddy and sloppy :( but the gardens still look pretty.

A Christmas present from my lovely husband kept me from the wet feet issue

Cath Kidston wellies. I love them. I even purchased some welly socks earlier. Red fleece ones with a knitted wool top that you turn over the top of the welly. My feet will be toasty, and they were a bargain at £3!

The kids (and a few grown-ups) built Tooty-Fruity, so called because we didn't have much in our fridge so most of his decoration is fruit related - note the grape mouth!

We go on holiday tomorrow to Center Parcs, last time we went the lake was frozen and it was snowing (was December 2010) so it must be a requirement for holidaying there. I'm hoping the roads will be clear enough for the journey, it's only an hour and a half away so not too bad! I've still not mastered blogging on the mobile so I don't know when I'll next update, we will have wifi and Hubby is taking his mini laptop with him but I'm going to try and not use it as I think I spend a bit too much time glued to mine!

Off to do some more packing. I'm packing everything, if I could move the kitchen sink I'd pack that too. Better to be over-prepared (even if it means being packed like sardines into the car).


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