Monday, 27 February 2012

Why I shop online...

Today I was reminded why I have RULES for shopping.

1. Don't go shopping with children.
2. If you must ignore rule 1 then only take one child with you.
3. If you must ignore rule 2 then do not take out children who are tired, hungry, grouchy etc
4. If you are silly enough to ignore rule 3 then ensure you have a stiff drink ready for when you get home.

I broke all the rules today (except the drink one, I'm now drinking a Baileys, it's cheaper than therapy).
I heard that Tesco had a sale on children's clothing, and that there were things for bargainous prices so I mentioned it to Hubby who said we should go once we'd picked F up from nursery (maybe I should blame him). It did not go well.

The girls screamed to be in the trolley or walking or carried, they dragged clothes off of rails, un-stuck stickers, added random things to the trolley, whined, screamed that they hated whatever it was that I had in my hands - I was trying to get them involved and interested. F threw herself on the floor screaming on more than one occasion. Now I know she was tired but still. We did buy a fair bit in the end, when tops are £0.50 or £1.00 each how can you not!? That is the girls kitted out for a while. I got myself a top too, I tried a few on first, would have tried a few more on but the screaming from outside the changing room was a little embarrassing.

Now my little angels *cough* are tucked up in bed I feel a lot less stressed and I don't have any plans to break the rules again. Ever.

P.S Just to remind me why I forgive them for days like today <3

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