Monday, 13 February 2012

Money-free Valentine's Gift

Hubby and I decided that we wouldn't spend any money on each other for Valentine's Day - I added the rule that we should get each other a card and a present of some sort - but without spending money (and without stealing too, obviously).

I managed to get some free credit for an online card company so I solved that one.

For the main gift I've been busy creating a little something called... '52 reasons why I love you'

Can you see from this picture what the reasons are on? What about in this picture...

Yup, playing cards :D

I typed up my 52 reasons into rectangular boxes on the laptop and printed them out and cut them out. I used   2 joker cards sandwiched together (so you couldn't see the joker part) for the title card and then the 52 cards of the pack have a reason each on the back of the card so that the reverse of the reason is the side of the card with the number and suit on.

I then hole punched them all in the same place and threaded string through to make a little book!

Do you like?

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