Thursday, 1 March 2012

Going on an adventure... and guilt guilt

I'm going on an adventure this weekend with my two bestest friends! We're going to London, seeing two shows, staying overnight and shopping. I am so very excited. The last time I stayed away from home without Hubby was when I was in hospital after giving birth to F. So nearly 4 years ago! I've never been away from the girls overnight either - they've stayed at their grandparents but I've never actually gone away from them.

Therefore I have guilt guilt. I feel guilty because I don't feel guilty. I feel like I am supposed to feel bad for leaving my girls and my husband, bad for spending money just on enjoying myself and going away, bad for leaving the house and all the work that comes with it. But I don't feel guilty, I just feel guilty about not feeling guilty. Does that make sense?

We're going to see We Will Rock You AND Wicked. I've seen both before and loved them both. I think I love We Will Rock You a little more but it was over a year between seeing them both so maybe seeing them so close together will help me make my mind up more. You can't beat musicals though <3

Back on the guilt thing. I'm away for approximately 37 hours. It's not that long really. And I'm looking forward to being someone other than a Mummy. Being a Mummy is the best thing I've ever done but I think sometimes it can feel like that is all I am and that my life is completely run around my children (which is how it should be) it will be nice to have some time when I don't have to think about nappies, meals, snacks, naps, toys, drawing, cbeebies and every other thing that comes with being a full-time Mummy. For once I'll just be me. And I am going to enjoy every one of those 37 hours and then I am going to come home, give my girls the biggest cuddle ever and continue being the best Mummy I can.

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