Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why Cake is Important to Me

I've had many a person say to me (about cakes) 'Why go to all that effort for something that is just going to get eaten'. And the question often stumps me as it's true, cakes don't last for long before they are eaten or if you don't eat it then they go stale. So why spend hours on something that barely lasts a day?

Until now my answers have been mundane 'because they are pretty' or 'because I enjoy making them' because the truth is that you can get a pretty enough cake from a supermarket for under £10 that requires no effort other than a few candles.

Today F reminded me and showed me WHY I wanted to bake her birthday cake myself. I spent all afternoon and evening working on a cake that F had chosen. A few months ago she looked at images of princess cakes online with me and she picked one. She then decided on some changes she wanted to make to the cake - and I did the changes crudely on a paint document so that I could remember what she wanted. I had nearly finished this afternoon and my Hubby asked F what she thought of the cake I was making for her. She looked at it thoughtfully, looking from side to side taking it all in. She was very quiet and I wondered if she was going to point out something that wasn't quite right or something she wanted added.

She turned to me with a smile on her face and said simply

'It's beautiful Mummy'

THAT made all the effort worthwhile. That little smile, those simple words meant everything to me. I don't even care what other people think of the cake now. F thinks it's beautiful. That's why I bake cakes. They make people happy.

P.S You will get to see cake pictures once we've had the party on Saturday!

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