Saturday, 12 May 2012

Animal Talk

These are my baby chicks...

Not so little anymore! Nor so fluffy. We think Meredith is a bloke.

And just a pretty picture of my beautiful Margaret as Martha was being un-coperative and only showing me her rear. I'm considering getting an honesty box and selling eggs on the drive as we're getting 2 a day from the hens again and I guess at some point when the chicks are bigger they will lay too. And we don't use many eggs. I can't use any in the baking that I sell but I could sell them locally. Or give them away?

Sadly my Hubby's family cat had to be put to sleep today. Tibsy was old and poorly and it was just too cruel to let him suffer longer. He was a gorgeous cat, happy to let the girls stroke him and cuddle him. He was a little tiger and very loved by us all. We got to say our goodbyes last night.

Sleep peacefully Tibsy, you are very missed <3

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