Saturday, 19 May 2012

I'm baacccccckkkkk!!!

Hello! Have you missed me!?!

We had a lovely time away. We did lots of lovely things and completely enjoyed ourselves. I've taken lots of photos but it might be a few days before I get a chance to go through them and sort out the good ones from the big blurs!

I've got a cupcake order of 48 cucpakes to be decorated with 'grass' and butterflies, ladybirds and bees that I need to complete tonight so I'm going to be busy! On top of that I'm going to see Westlife in concert tomorrow - several hours drive away so I'm out all day tomorrow AND I've a ton of washing to fight my way through and  the house is in a bit of a mess. Gulp.

Yesterday when I ran into a shop to grab some essentials (milk, bread, cheese!) a magazine caught my eye. Now I don't normally buy magazines because they are so expensive and you can normally buy a proper book for the same amount. I picked up 'Simply Homemade' and decided I WANTED IT.

And it came with these:

Lots and lots of pretty paper (lots of different patterns and colours) and some pretty die cuts! So I told myself that I was buying the pretty papers and getting the magazine for free. It was £3.99. Not tooooooo bad. I've not read the magazine yet, I'm saving it for tomorrow's journey. I hope it is as pretty inside as the cover suggests!!!

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