Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Ripple Blankets and Princess Invitations

F asked for a Princess Party and so I have been racking by brains trying to come up with an original invitation idea (E had a princess 1st birthday so I'd already made wands!). In the end we went for gem rings for everyone with a tag attached with the details on.

I made the prototype this afternoon:

The string is attached to the ring. The tag was just printed on the computer and I stuck little diamant√© in the corner. I bought the rings off of ebay (about £2 for 18) and the tags too (£1.50 for 50!). Not too bad price-wise and something a bit different (I hope).

This is the start of the rainbow ripple - 6 rows in :D I'm enjoying it so far, I do love rainbow things!

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