Tuesday, 29 May 2012

No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Not so easy to say that!

You will need:

Headbands (like hair bands but the size to fit your head!) - if you can't get these get some wide elastic, make it 2 inches shorter than the waist of the kid it's for. But you'll have to sew it together! Tesco had 6 of the headbands for £4.

Tulle - on a roll or off of the bolt, whatever! - I bought 1m each of 3 colours - that's enough for 3 tutus.

Your leg

Cut the tulle into lengths that are TWICE the length you from the waist to the knee of the kiddy - one of these was 12 inches (so cut into 24s) and the other was 8 inches (so cut into 16s). And make the strips about 4 inches wide. If you've bought it on a 6 inch roll then 6 inches wide is perfect too.

Grab a band and put it round your leg.
Grab a piece of tulle and fold it in half, pass the loop end under the band

Pass the two loose ends over the top of the band and through the loop

Then carefully tighten this.

Repeat this until you've filled the band, you can add more if you wish or less or some ribbon too, whatever colours you fancy, the world is your tutu oyster!

Things to note:

  • My pieces are not an exact size nor cut straight. It doesn't matter!
  • With time the tulle calms down a bit and is a little less poofy
  • It takes maybe 15 minutes to make one
  • I am not the first person to make these, the tutorial is how I've worked out to do it to make it as easy as possible. I'm sure others have found the same.
  • Do what you like with the tutorial, make your millions if you wish! It'd be fab if you linked back here though!

P.S No action photos as these are off to a very special surprise home!

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