Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rainbow Ripple Blanket (and some mixed musings)

I'll start with the rainbow ripple blanket because it makes me SMILE and I need to do more smiling!

9 and a half rows into one of the ripples. And I'm enjoying it. The colours make me smile and make me feel all warm and happy! The photos don't show the true colours, it's even prettier in real life.

Onto other stuff - the girls are over the worst of the pox but they are getting cabin fever. Hysterical tantrums, lots of shouting. I think they should be ok to be in public on Thursday so we might do a quick supermarket dash just to get them out a little BUT we've booked a last minute holiday for next week. Just 4 nights in a little caravan but we thought it'd be a lovely way to treat the girls after a rotten week and it'd be good for all of us to have a BREAK. I am very excited.

My Dad is ill in hospital. Quite badly ill. We've always had an odd relationship and we aren't close but it is worrying. I have visited him and will visit him again on Thursday. Positive thoughts please :D

Hubby has organised for us to go to the cinema tomorrow, a proper date <3 he booked the night off work and arranged someone to watch the girls. He is so lovely, bless his heart. He knew I wanted to see it and it ends a the cinema Thursday. I love it so much when he does things like that. We're seeing 'The Hunger Games' I hope it is as good as the book!

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  1. Hope your night was good at the cinema! Glad the girls are on the mend too. Positive thoughts for your dad xx