Friday, 4 May 2012

Homemade Beefburgers

Today has been a long day. These burgers were the highlight of it (yes it was that bad!).

Recipe from here on Tesco's recipe site. Easy to make and very quick!

The recipe made 10 medium sized ones. Unfortunately I bought HUGE rolls...

The burgers were quite chunky so could have been flatter and bigger - Hubby used cookie cutters to make his burger bun a better size...

The burgers were tasty. Lots of flavour, nice texture and really yummy. I have frozen the other 6 burgers. I'm not always a burger fan but these are FAB and would be a great way to get some veg into kids too as they have pepper and onion in them :D

Cost (just for 10 burgers):

Mince: £2.00
Pepper: £0.80
Seasonings/breadcrumbs: £0.30
Onion: £0.10

= £3.20 - BARGAIN!!

As I said, today has been long. E is completely covered in pox and is grumpy with it and she didn't really sleep last night either (so none of us did). We're all tired and grumpy and snappy and bleurgh. Our hot water and heating also stopped working, the plumber fixed it easily but it was just another grrr in a day of them! Off to bed soon as I fear it will be another long night!

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