Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Ahhh the sunshine really does make things better. Today I felt GOOD. Awake, happy, busy. The girls enjoyed soft play, we then came back home and I scrubbed the car inside and out. Next time I will pay the people who do it at the supermarket as £8 now seems like a bargain. I got soaked and I ache but my car is shiny!

The chickens were out all afternoon chirping around, the girls flitted between inside and out too. I love it when they get fresh air. We then had an easy pizza dinner and went to get a couple more fish for Hubby's fish tank.

Yesterday Hubby bought me this...

A basil plant! It was very thoughtful because on holiday I ate this:

Basil and mozerella focaccia. YUM. I really loved the taste of the basil and decided I should use it more often and my Hubby remembered and picked me a plant up when he was at the shop. It smells amazing. I need some mozerella now to go with it!

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