Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lemon Chicken - YUM

I am SO impressed. Hubby preferred the lemon chicken that I made to the one from the chinese takeaway and as lemon chicken is his favourite that is a big compliment!

It looked like this:

It involved using lemon curd, now I can make my own lemon curd BUT Tesco value is 22p a jar. It would cost me lots more than that to make it and as I'm trying to eat on a budget too I bought the tesco one.

This meal cost (for 2 adults):

Chicken: £1.50
Lemon curd (3/4 jar): £0.17
Half an onion: £0.07
Zest of one lemon: £0.20
Rice: £0.20
Noodles: £0.25
Peas: £0.15

TOTAL = £2.54

Tonight we ate once the girls were in bed. The whole meal only took 25 minutes to make so we didn't end up eating too late. I think we will do this once a week. Whilst I think family meals are important it is nice to sit down with just my Hubby and we can talk and relax rather than fetching things for the girls and dealing with the chaos that that brings.

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