Thursday, 8 March 2012

Yarn and WIPs!

This morning the postman brought me these:

They are my Mother's Day present. Ok, it's not Mother's Day yet but I needed to order from the yarn website anyway. Pretty aren't they! I'm ashamed to say that I've never actually crocheted anything for my girls (except a case for their vtech storio). The girls love the blankets I make but I've never let them have them as they are too small and destined for future babies (if I have any more!). So these rainbow wools are for them. At some point they will both be getting their very own rainbow blanket. I've not decided whether I will be rippling the blanket, granny striping or just straight stripes, will have to think about that. For now though I need to work through my WIPs!

WIP list:

1. Blanket for a friend's baby, my present to them. - Baby not due for 16 weeks so putting this on hold until number 2 is done.
2. Blanket - been asked to crochet a blanket for someone (and am getting paid to do it!). Not actually in progress yet but will be as of this evening!
3. Blooming flower cushion as seen HERE on the attic24 blog - I'm making mine all in purple to match our newly covered sofas, have done 3 sets of petals so far!

So for now I'll just be smiling at my new wools. I do love a good rainbow!

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  1. I have this pack too! So far I've made a giant wobbly granny out of it (not too giant, 3yr old size) & a square style blanket for me, & theres still a fair bit left. I want to buy another pack to make a blanket for my middle daughters birthday, not sure if Im going to attempt a rainbow ripple or a granny stripe?