Thursday, 29 March 2012

Butter Chicken Curry (yes more food)

I never intended to talk so much about food, honest. I think it's because now I'm cooking lots it's in my thoughts a lot. I promise to start posting about other things too... once I've written about butter chicken curry!

I got the recipe from here at

It was easy, really easy. Chopped onion, a lot of butter, curry powder, chicken and passata and chopped tomatoes. Easy as that.

It was delicious! Buttery, smooth, melty, tangy and with a nice bit of heat. My 2 year old ate a mouthful, drank some drink, took another mouthful... bless her heart. I'd definitely make this again. The high butter content (4/5ths of a block!) means that it isn't exactly a healthy recipe, but it is worth cooking.


Served 2 adults and a bit when served just with rice (with naan or other side dishes I reckon 4 could share it)

Chicken breasts: £2.00 (frozen)
Onion: £0.10
Rice: £0.30
Passata: £0.15
Chopped tomatoes: £0.50
Butter: £0.95
Curry powder: £0.30

Total: £4.30

Right, me and my kindle (and a bowl of jelly) are off to bed!

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