Monday, 26 March 2012

Wedding cupcakes

My lovely friend Laura, who I've known since I started school, got married on Saturday! Her now husband Jimmy goes out to Afghanistan with the army next week and she is 25 weeks pregnant with their first child and they decided all of a sudden - with four weeks notice! - to get married!

I had the honour of making their wedding cake/s for them. The bride chose peach, yellow and pink as her colour scheme and we set to work thinking about cakes and cupcakes. In the end we decided on a 7 tier stand with a 6 inch cake on the top and cupcakes on the tiers below. The cupcakes were in pink, orange and yellow cases with paler frosting and then topped with either two big coloured hearts or some smaller ones - all cut out of sugarpaste by myself. In total I made 100 cupcakes!

I will admit to being petrified about the experience. Weddings are so special and important and it was my very first time baking for one. Luckily it all went to plan and the cakes were a hit!

Here are a couple of photos! (the flowers on the top cake were the work of the florist!)

In the next couple of weeks I'm making Easter cupcakes, a Spartacus cake, a Waybuloo cake, Tangle themed cupcakes and a Mickey Mouse cake! Busy cake times here!

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