Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Thai Green Chicken Curry and Salted Caramels

Not together though ^.

One of my new meals for this week was a thai green curry - again something I've never eaten, let alone cooked. It involved thai green curry paste which worried me as I sniffed it and wasn't keen. And it involved coconut milk. And I don't like coconut...

Yet it was amazing, delicious and totally blew me away with how yummy it was.

E, my youngest had a little in a bowl, she ate hers, and half of mine. I was so proud. The kick of lime at the end really makes it tangy and oh so yummy.

The recipe is this bbc food one. I didn't buy lemongrass and I used soy sauce.

Price-wise it came up as (to feed 2 adults and 2 ish children (though one didn't eat curry or rice, sigh).

Rice: 20p
Chicken: £3.88 (fresh, normally i'd use frozen but we hadn't got any in)
Soy sauce: 5p
Thai green curry paste: 20p (1/5th ish of a jar)
Soft dark brown sugar: 10p
Oil: 5p
Lime: 30p
Coconut milk: £1

= £5.78

So on the more expensive side - but I reckon I could halve the chicken cost so make it about £4.00 for the meal. It was amazing though, and really worth it.
I'm rating it 10/10 (it was that nice!)

Salted caramels - YUM. That is about it. I made some, using a microwave method. Tasty. Really tasty. I can't make them again. I'd eat too many!

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