Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It would appear that I do not like risotto.

Risotto was one of my new dishes for the week. A ham and broccoli one as seen here on the Tesco food website. Now I've not made risotto before and I've only eaten it once - and it was horrible - mainly due to some very funny tasting mushrooms that were in it.

I followed the recipe and stirred and stirred and stirred.

40 minutes I stood at the hob stirring, so not a meal to cook when you're alone with the kiddies! The recipe says it serves four. FOUR?! Two if you're lucky -unfortunately I was feeding four adults so we all got meagre portions.

I did not enjoy it, I wasn't keen on the texture, it tasted ok but for all the work, well it just wasn't worth it.

Tomorrow I'm going to make a butter chicken curry. Another first for me! Looks like a fairy simple curry recipe so hopefully it can't go too wrong?!

I need to do some baking this evening as I've friends round for tea and cake tomorrow, I'm thinking a loaf of some sort, banana, lemon, or maybe cinnamon? Or maybe some cookies, I do like cookies!

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