Monday, 19 March 2012

I am a BAD patient.

I don't do being ill.

I hate not being able to do the things I need to, I hate being 'looked after'. I hate feeling helpless. I hate asking for help.

I've got tonsillitis, well maybe, I don't actually have any tonsils but apparently that doesn't mean I can't get tonsillitis. Since Friday my throat has been really really sore, I've had a temperature, had chills, my glands are swollen, my face aches and I've not been sleeping. The doctor took a swab from my throat - that was not pleasant!

So today when E was at Grandad's and F was at nursery, I rested and slept. NOT. I put away 5 baskets of clean washing, scrubbed the kitchen, put some more washing on, made the table smaller again (involves 2 big wooden leaves) and did some crochet. Oops. And tonight I made cakes for my mother-in-law for her work, even though she told me not to worry.


Anyway, yesterday was Mother's Day and other than feeling really rubbish I had a lovely day :D I got a gorgeous huge bunch of tulips and a new Yummy Mummy mug to replace the one I got last year that got broken recently. My 17 balls of wool that I got the other week were my main present so I'd already had them. Hubby's Mum and my Mum (and Hubby's sister and fiance) all came round for dinner.

Hubby made a chinese curry with rice AND did chicken kievs and mash AND made a lemon tart AND made profiteroles  - with Baileys cream and white chocolate sauce AND bought be a raspberry pavlova. AND it was all delicious <3 he's a sweetheart. I love my girls too, and my Mummy, I feel so blessed to have such lovely people around me <3

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