Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gadanke - Journals that I LOVE

***This post is ENTIRELY my own opinion. It is not sponsored by Gadanke or anyone else and I have no been reimbursed in any way for this post ***

I've been going to write this post since I got my first Gadanke journal through the post. I then delayed writing about it as I bought myself another one... and then I was luck enough to WIN one so I am now the proud owner of 3 beautiful different Gadanke journals.

The chances are you won't have heard of Gadanke. The company and concept was set up by the very lovely Katie who has a real passion for story-catching. I first found the website from another blog and as soon as I saw the journals I knew I needed them in my life.

Gadanke journals are diaries with a difference - they are beautiful, hand-made, eco-friendly and they come complete with writing prompts, pictures, quotes, envelopes and pretty papers to make telling your story easy and enjoyable. If you can't think of what to say then simply read a prompt on a page and you'll have a way to start.

Here are my three journals:
*She - all about you and your world
*Taste - all about food
*Become - all about your creative self

Here are some photos from inside my journals

Cute aren't they! I especially love the little tags, envelopes and pretty papers that you get with them. They come beautifully packaged too <3. 

I've got a drawer amongst the girls craft drawers where I keep my journals and the stuff I put in them.

This is just some of the stuff in my drawer - fine liners, fancy pens, a date stamp, stickers, sticky ribbon, washi tape etc. Mostly I use a simple black biro though!

I love love love writing in these journals, I'm debating which one to get next... choices choices...

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