Saturday, 28 July 2012

Copper Petals - And the Olympic Opening Ceremony

My blog views yesterday rocketed - people were googling 'Olympic copper kettles' and finding my Olympic torch post - because of the name of the blog. We'll ignore the fact that they were copper PETALS not kettles. If you are finding my blog because that's what you've googled then HELLO! I might not have what you're looking for but have a look around anyway, I'm nice :D

I was already planning on posting about the Olympics. I like sport generally and I LOVE the Olympics. I love pretty much all of the sports that are shown so I expect to watch a lot of tv over the next 16 days.

Wasn't the opening ceremony amazing? I think it really encompassed the quirkiness of Great Britain and it was very cleverly done. I thought the transition from English countryside to the industrial revolution was clever. The Bond and the Queen scene was funny, as was the Mr. Bean skit. I loved the mention of the NHS and I loved the age of technology bit.

My favourite thing though? The copper petals. I had almost given up watching the countries march - 204 seems like so many when they are all individually introduced. The petals were intriguing. I guessed they'd be organised in some way to represent something and I guessed they'd be linked to the flame but I wasn't expecting anything quite so beautiful. I'm not sure if they were representative of a particular flower but to me they looked like a dandelion clock - whimsical, childish, make-a-wish dandelions (I'm having a dandelion tattoo next week because I love what they represent). The way they moved up together to make one flame was a beautiful touch.

To me the Olympics represents unity, countries coming together to compete but compete together and only in sports - ignoring the rest of the crap going on in the world and just having some fun. Last Tuesday I went to London for the day and went on a boat trip along the Thames where the Olympic rings were hanging on Tower Bridge. Impressive!

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