Friday, 17 August 2012

Homemade Gelatin Face Mask (eeeek)

I saw a Pin on Pinterest suggesting that a homemade face mask made using gelatin and milk was the way to clearer softer skin.

You need one sachet of gelatin and 1.5 tbsp of milk. Mix together, microwave for 10 seconds and apply with your fingers to your face (check it's not too hot first!).

Let it dry and then...


I should have read the comments by this idea BEFORE putting it on.

My skin was soft and my pores maybe a little better but I've also lost several chunks of eyebrow. It made my eyes water it hurt that much to peel off! And it stank.

If you are crazy brave enough to try it then my tips would be:

1. Only apply it where you really need it - nose, t-zone.
2. Do not put it anywhere near eyebrows.
3. Do not put it near lips
4. Or eyes
5. Or hairline
6. Be prepared for PAIN.
7. If you do get it somewhere delicate then soak it off
8. Don't do it around children - you will use expletives.
9. Gelatin and milk warmed up smells like WET DOG (it really does)
10. Your cat will want to lick your face due to point 9.

My skin is soft but that might just be because the mask has ripped the surface of my skin off completely. And as for the eyebrows. Well. It's a good job I'm blonde.

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