Friday, 3 August 2012

My New Tattoo - And Why I Love Tattoos

I think people are always a bit surprised that I like tattoos and even more surprised to find that I have them (only two though and one is brand new). I'm not sure if it'd because I've always been the 'good girl' type or whether they just think I am 'sensible'.

But I love ink. To me it is about self expression. Putting a mark on yourself that is entirely your design and something that is permanent. Something that I have chosen entirely myself.

People say 'well what about when you're old and wrinkly' and, yeh, fair enough, tattoos won't look amazing forever BUT as I grow old everything about me will change and I'd rather enjoy the tattoo while I can then never get one. My first tattoo is a small blue daisy on my stomach that I got pre-children - I doubt it'll ever see the light of day again. My new one is on my right foot. I doubt I'll be rocking heels as an 80 year old and if I am then I'll be rocking the tattoo still. If not then it'll be neatly tucked up in my fluffy slippers as a reminder of a younger time.

SO! Meet me new tattoo...

This photo was taken yesterday not long after the tattoo was done. The swelling and redness will fade soon!

The dandelion head represents lots of things to me. Part of it is because they are so childish and youthful - my girls pick them and blow hard to see how many seeds they can get off. And then they make a wish. If the heads are floating around then they try and catch them because to them they are fairies. I love the seed concept and the whimsical nature of the plant that is generally considered a weed.

And as for foot tattoos? I read horror stories of not being able to walk, of huge feet, of it being the most painful place to get a tattoo etc etc. I was worried because of everything I had read but I can honestly say it was completely fine. I don't know if it's because there was no colour? Because it only took 45 minutes? Or maybe because it only covers a third or so of my foot? But the pain was minimal, in fact only the D caused me to wince and I'd say that it felt very similar to the scratch of a blood test. The rest of it was just a bit tingly. It is slightly puffy but nothing major and I've had no pain since having it done. I am able to wear shoes (ballet pumps that don't touch it) and I've walked and driven without noticing it.

Oh... and I'm already planning my next one!


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  2. cant wait to see what you will get next :D