Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lunch Box Ideas

I've been googling and looking on Pinterest for packed lunch ideas as my eldest starts school in a couple of weeks. I found lots and lots of beautifully presented lunches with interesting foods in pretty boxes that stacked and clipped and kept things hot/cold/room temperature that came with knives and forks etc etc etc...

And for a while I got lost in a land of sculpted sandwiches and cous cous before remembering that:

a) I have limited time
b) I have limited funds
c) I have limited patience
d) My daughter eats very little variety

SO. I need to re-think things a bit.

Faith chose this lunch bag

And we got some plain sandwiches boxes in multi-packs from Poundland. 

Anddddddd I've come up with a list of foods that she might eat. I have a couple of cute cutters for making pretty sandwiches but that might be as far as my artistic skills go.

Pasta – with salad cream and cheese
Pasta – with salad cream and tuna
Sandwich  - ham, jam, tuna
Pitta bread filled with – ham or tuna or jam
Wrap filled with ham or tuna
Cheese triangles
Small bit of apple
Small slice of cake (home made)
Cheese blocks
Pizza slice
Breadsticks with soft cheese dip
Crackers/cheesey biscuits

Does that sound ok? Just a few things from the list each day? Who knew lunch could be so complicated!

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