Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Meal Planning

I need to get back into the habit of PROPER meal planning. I've been slacking these last few weeks.

I always order my shopping online and I need to order it tomorrow so I've been thinking about what to eat for the week. My food week starts on a Friday as our shopping is delivered on a Thursday evening. I need to sort out one main meal a day then we'll wing the rest with sandwiches and lighter meals.

This week's plan is not the most adventurous - but the meals suit our plans for the day.

Friday - Thai red curry
Saturday (lunch) - 'Breakfast' (poached eggs, beans, toast, bacon)
Sunday (lunch) - Pasta bake
Monday -Spaghetti carbonara
Tuesday - Jacket potatoes with stuffed peppers
Wednesday - Beans on toast
Thursday - Salmon with mash and veg

My aim is for a more exciting menu over the next couple of weeks! I would also love to come up with a system (am thinking using magnets?) whereby I have meals written on cards and have some way of attaching them to a pretty menu so that every week I can put up what meals we are having. I'll have to think more on this idea!

And just because I haven't any other pictures for today...

F... catching flies after a long day!

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