Thursday, 21 June 2012

And breathe...

I don't think things have actually been as manic as it feels like they have. I think that the lack of sleep (4am wake up calls from the girls!!!) means that everything feels like too much effort. I've found myself needing to sleep in the day to get through and therefore the house is suffering.

My washing baskets are full, there are clean clothes to put away, the kitchen is cluttered, the girls room has toys everywhere, the table has sticky jam marks on it. The floor needs steam mopping.

So I've been ignoring the growing list of stuff and concentrating on other things. Like having cups of tea and lunch with a friend and E...

Amazing or what. We ate at a little cafe called Hooray Henrys - the Shabby Chic cafe. It is beautiful. Polka dots, pastels, mis-matched crockery, vintage and beachy artefacts. Just lovely. And the food is amazing. That was just my lunch. Yum. They even gave E her apple juice in a teapot with a teacup so that she didn't feel left out! They were really accommodating, especially considering E was a grumpy, stroppy 2 year old in a room full of china!

Yesterday we went to the school that F will be attending as of September (more on that soon!). We had a meeting and got lots of information. It's all a bit daunting. Hubby and I went whilst the girls were at nursery and we decided to make the most of our free morning by going to a local beach cafe and enjoying the sunshine.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love living by the sea...

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