Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Spare room of DOOM

I tackled it.
We have 3 bedrooms, ours, the girls' and the spare room of DOOM. Originally intended as a piano/sewing room (how quaint) it ended up as a dumping ground. We moved in 6 months ago and it has been cleared a couple of times already.

My last excuse was Christmas - I needed somewhere to bung all the gifts, and everything else I couldn't be bothered to sort out.

Today I tackled it. It's not perfect, things still need sorting and it still looks so FULL. It is a small room, you could probably get a double bed in but nothing else! It holds Hubby's clavinova (electric full-sized piano), a dolls house, an ikea short wide billy bookcase, a really thin tall book case, 3 sets of plastic drawers, a printer and my sewing desk. Plus the 4 spare dining room chairs and a few boxes of stuff Hubby is selling on ebay. It holds all our papers, all our craft stuff, some of my cake supplies (boxes) lots of books AND presents.

We've done a lot of sales shopping this year and we have enough presents to hopefully see us through the year! Unfortunately these are now piled in the corner of the room and covered in bright towels. We literally have nowhere else to put them.

The spare dining room chairs get in the way, but there is nowhere else they can go and we do use them every couple of weeks but our lounge is too small to house them permanently (get the general SMALL theme here). At the moment they are stacked in 2s in front of the presents, near the piano.

But the floor is clear, the room now HAS a floor. We can get into the room, I have a rough idea of where most things are, and that will have to do for now!

P.S I will post photos but will wait until I've had a chance to hoover then you can see the difference!

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