Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Macaroons (or French Macaroons) plus recipe link!


Monday evening I made (and ate) macaroons for the first time EVER. It will not be the last time.

Now I think some people know macaroons as being coco-nutty and biscuity? Served in bakeries and being a biscuity brown sort of colour.

But if you google 'macaroons' you will find you also see brightly coloured discs that are sandwiched together with some sort of cream. I think these are officially French macaroons.

How to describe them? Crunchy meringue-esque shell, slightly chewy and soft inside, the taste of ground almonds and a hint of vanilla. Heaven basically. I don't eat a lot of what I bake but these I ate. And most of them. There is a myth in the baking world that they are really hard to make. I didn't find it too hard, I followed the recipe and directions on this amazing blog (recipe here Bravetart macaroon recipe) I followed the recipe to the letter.

My only problem was having brown baking paper that I could see my drawn circles through so the size of my macaroons varied and they were a little wobbly as I don't have a straight piping nozzle so I just cut the end off of one of my piping bags.

This is what they look like:

They are a brighter colour than they look in the photo and the photo was just a quick snap taken with my mobile. I sandwiched them together with a vanilla buttercream.

Tonight I hope to try and make some more, maybe pink this time.


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