Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nappies for a dolly!

I was browsing through some of the blogs I follow and I came across this:

Bee In My Bonnet - dolly diaper tutorial

And it is a simple idea that works so well and would make a lovely present alongside a bought doll as a present.

My eldest got a Tiny Tears doll for Christmas - for those of you unfamiliar with these, you 'feed' the doll water and it cries and wees! Great fun but a little messy. The doll comes with a towling outfit but I think it'd be lovely if we had some proper nappies for her.

I reckon I've got enough pretty scrap fabric to make a set of pretty nappies, I might even try some bibs too. I'll post pictures when I get round to it although it'll be a while (apparently operating a sewing machine with double vision isn't advised?!)

I love the idea of the wipes too, I might get one of those plastic wipes dispensers as my two have always loved pulling wipes out of the packet!

Ebay isn't showing me much when I search for 'towling fabric' so I might have to investigate that one a bit further. I guess I could always go down the route of using a cheap towel or flannel but I think towling would be softer!

P.S I aspire to be able to sew as neatly as the lady in the tutorial <3

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