Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Lack of Creativity

I am in a bit of a lull. I don't have an urge to cook, crochet, bake or craft. I don't feel the urge to complete anything or start anything new. I'm not sure what has caused the lull? The weather? The fact that the summer holidays have just started? Something in the air?

I still use pinterest daily and I still like LOOKING at lots of pretty possible projects but I've not got the oomph to do them.

New kitten (who is in face a GIRL, still known as Beau) has settled in well. She's slightly less crazy. She is currently asleep on my chest, dribbling and snoring. She fits into the family well.

Do you love the dress? I do. It landed on my doorstep yesterday and I ADORE it. I'm hoping to get a petticoat so that it is a puffy on as the photo shows.

Best bits about this un-creative week?

*My gorgeous friend finally had her baby boy
*I got cuddles with the above cute baby
*I got this pretty dress
*Tomorrow I get to see some family that I've not seen in a while
*The girls said goodbye to their old nursery - ready to start anew in September
*Kitty appears to be a lap (or chest) cat <3

1 comment:

  1. Beau can be Belle from now on. :~)

    That dress is quite adorable!

    I don't know if I've said this yet, but I love the homage to "My Favorite Things" in your blog title.